Here’s an Associated Press Style Cheat Sheet

Associated Press style is the standard format used by the vast majority of print and online news outlets in the U.S. No one expects you to memorize the AP Stylebook, but you should start checking it when you you write your stories. Over time, you’ll start to memorize the most commonly used AP style points.

Here is a cheat sheet that covers some of those points.

Numbers one to nine are generally spelled out
10 and above are generally numerals
but there are exceptions…

Units of measurement and dimensions are always written as numerals: That board is 32 inches long.

Percentages are always numerals: Inflation rose 5 percent.

Numbered street addresses are numerals: She lives at 123 Main St.

(avenue and boulevard are also abbreviated with a numbered address)

But: She lives on Main Street.

Dates are numerals: Halloween is on Oct. 31.

But: Halloween is in October.

March-July are always spelled out

August through February are abbreviated with a date

Job titles are capitalized when they come before a name: President Jay Adams

But: Jay Adams, the president of Student Council

Amounts of money are always expressed as numerals:

$1 million
$1.5 million

“Movie Titles”
Punctuation goes inside quotes

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